• 2018 Educator Appreciation Day

    In recognition of Educator's Day, the Emory School of Medicine Recognitions Committee sent out a call for nominations for educators across the School of Medicine who go above and beyond the call of duty as teachers and mentors.


    The School of Medicine Recognitions Committee reviewed the outstanding nominations from peers, colleagues, and trainees. Based upon this review process, the School of Medicine is honoring the following faculty on Educator Appreciation Day for their passion and skills to educate, encourage, and support scholars and learners across the School of Medicine.


    These faculty members exemplify the outstanding faculty educators of the Emory School of Medicine. The quotes below were taken from the nomination materials.


    Please join us in congratulating these featured faculty members!

  • Featured Faculty

    Susana Alfonso

    Department of Family & Preventive Medicine

    Family Medicine Dunwoody

    "Volunteers on Saturdays to precept MD and PA students at Good Samaritan Clinic"


    "Challenges students to use EBM in the setting of under-served and low income families"


    "Dr. Alfonso engages students in clinically rigorous discussions about EBM and providing patient-centered care"

    Wendy Armstrong

    Department of Medicine

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Novel curricular design that goes beyond Emory"


    "Dedicated to learners"


    "Fantastic and engaging lecturer"

    Thomas Austin

    Department of Anesthesiology

    Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    "With a masters in statistics and numerous research accomplishments, he goes above and beyond to mentor residents and fellows interested in research"


    "Consistently regarded as a favorite in the department because he is a strong resident and fellow advocate who is truly dedicated to improving our educational experience"


    "Very knowledgeable and yet approachable. He is up to date on all the recent literature and spends a considerable amount of time teaching concepts while analyzing relevant articles in the OR"

    Rajit Basu

    Department of Pediatrics

    Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    "Dr. Basu has started a practice of PICU teaching sessions in which he grabs a marker and uses a patient's room glass door as a whiteboard,

    engaging residents, fellows, nurses, and respiratory therapists"


    "Dr. Basu has started a series of discussions with our Pediatric Critical Medicine fellows to teach them about the logistics of research"


    "His style of teaching walks the learner through the process of figuring out the answer"

    Cecelia Bellcross

    Department of Human Genetics

    Emory University Hospital

    "Creator and current Program Director of the Genetic Counseling training program"

    "Partners with clinics throughout Emory to implement genetic services and provide clinical training and research opportunities for the students in the program"

    "Instrumental in the Inter-professional Team Training program through the School of Medicine"

    Sarah Blanton

    Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

    Emory Rehabilitation Hospital

    "Founding Editor in Chief of international peer-reviewed Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation (JHR) - mentoring interdisciplinary students across health professions and English department in digital humanities"


    "Developed and helps fund interdisciplinary "Frank S. Blanton Jr, MD Humanities Scholar award" for graduate students working on JHR"


    "Mentors physical therapy students in the innovative integration of sustainability and physical therapy-supervising student led "Greening Physical Therapy" website, the first website devoted to promotion of sustainability in PT"

    Kyle Bradley

    Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

    Emory University Hospital

    "Very systematic and organized curriculum that made hematopathology much more understandable"


    "What has impressed me most regarding Dr. Bradley has been his commitment to resident education. Not only has he composed practice question modules, slide study sets, and an end-of-rotation exam, but he has also authored his own textbook written specifically for residents"


    "Even when he has a large stack of cases to work through on-service, he always makes it a point to spend as much time as possible teaching and ensuring that residents are getting the most out of the rotation"

    Richard Brouillard

    Department of Anesthesiology

    Emory University Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital

    "Has been a mentor and role model for me since I started in my role as an educator in 2004"


    "Has provided guidance and leadership to the Anesthesiologist Assistant Program for 25 years"


    "Works with Anesthesiologist Assistant students in the Human Patient Simulation lab in a one-on-one teaching environment daily and maintains his patience, enthusiasm, and passion for teaching"


    "Will help a colleague or cover someone who needs help"

    Yelena Burklin

    Department of Medicine

    Emory University Hospital Midtown

    "Faculty preceptor for DELP PA program and is recognized by her PA students as an excellent educator; same on house staff team by residents"


    "She is beloved by residents for her teaching skills on the EUHM wards rotation"


    "She is a wonderful attending on the teaching wards. She is always reading new articles and teaching her team about new studies that have come out in medicine. She is definitely one of our favorite attendings"


    "Has been a dynamic and engaged site leader for education at Emory Midtown"

    E. Britton Chahine

    Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "She patiently mentors and teaches in the operating room, with a willingness to mentor and assist junior faculty. She involves everyone in the process, appropriately tailoring roles to individual employees. Outside of the OR, she effectively teaches in clinic and on inpatient rounds"


    "She cares deeply about education and ensuring that clinicians are competent to care for patients"


    "She goes above and beyond to assist residents to become excellent surgeons"

    Hee Cheol Cho

    Department of Pediatrics

    Health Sciences Research Building

    "Stem cell course taught as part of Georgia Tech and Emory's Biomedical Engineering PhD program described by previous student as one of the best courses I've taken at Georgia Tech"


    "Mentored at least three undergraduate students in wet lab research at Emory"


    "Received the Coulter Innovation of the Year award this year for the development of mRNA based biological pacemaker, for which he supervised two PhD students"

    Dominique Cosco

    Department of Medicine

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Our most engaged IM Program Associate Program Director"


    "Developed the Global Health Program for Residency"


    "Dedicated to the program and to the learners"

    Kimberly Curseen

    Department of Medicine

    Emory University Hospital

    "Sacrifices her time to teach medical students, residents, fellows, and other physicians"


    "She spends a great deal of time educating patients about their diseases and prognosis"


    "A national expert teaching MDs /NPs about cannabis, opiates, palliative care, and cultural humility"

    Boadie Dunlop

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

    Emory Brain Health Center

    "Supervises a psychopharm resident clinic and receives rave reviews"


    "Dr. Dunlop is comfortable teaching a wide range of learners from medical students to psychology post docs to nurses and residents. He adjusts his teaching style, but is always challenging learners to think dynamically and understand the patient"


    "Dr. Dunlop provides medical educational oversight to residents with patience tailored to the needs of the trainee"

    Sarah Dunn

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Dr. Dunn is generous with sharing her wisdom about psychological assessment and helps to ensure that our patients get accurate diagnoses"


    "I think that Dr. Dunn really teaches her trainees about forming a meaningful relationship with our patients at Grady, which serves as the foundation for everything else we do as psychologists"


    "Dr. Dunn is gifted at teaching people about psychological testing and helping them solve diagnostic mysteries"

    Bassel El-Rayes

    Department of Hematology & Medical Oncology

    Winship Cancer Institute

    "Has one of the highest numbers of successful mentees in academia"


    "Grew Emory GI Medical Oncology to its current state nationally"


    "Recognized GI Oncologist with networks that have benefited his mentees"

    Rebecca Fasano

    Department of Neurology

    Emory University Hospital

    "Her work in resident education is exemplary"

    "She is a great example of women in leadership"


    "Dr. Fasano is an excellent role model for clinician educators"


    "She is very committed to resident education and supports trainees in every way possible"


    Bruce Greenfield

    Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

    Center for Rehabilitation Medicine

    "Was instrumental in developing a course for students to write reflective narrative during their clinical internships"


    "As a professor in rehabilitation medicine, and a senior fellow in the Center for Ethics, he teaches medical ethics to physical therapy students and medical residents"


    "Recently has been inducted into the National Academies of Practices as a distinguished fellow that focuses on inter-professional collaboration and education"

    Ebrahim Haroon

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

    Emory Brain Health Center

    "Dr. Haroon has provided training, support, and expertise in MR spectroscopy for faculty and trainees in our research program and collaborators in the department and WCI"


    "Dedicated teacher of psychopharmacology to psychiatry residents"


    "He has consistently taught and provided research training, career advice, and mentoring"

    Kiran Hebbar

    Department of Pediatrics

    Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    "Kiran has mentored my interest in simulation and quality improvement by creating a one-year fellowship for me to build my knowledge and experience in the area of process and space testing"


    "Dr. Hebbar is an excellent teacher. He is well known for his ability to teach at the bedside, applying basic concepts of physiology to a patient's clinical presentation. The fellows frequently recognize this as an extremely valuable contribution to their education"


    "Kiran has been an excellent mentor, coaching, supporting, and guiding me through multiple simulation based projects throughout the PICU"

    Jennifer Holton

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

    Emory Brain Health Center

    "Dr. Holton has provided important leadership in developing the psychiatric fellowship program"


    "She provides medical students, residents and fellows with guidance in understanding the individual in the context of their family"


    "Dr. Holton is a strong advocate for her trainees"

    Walter Ingram

    Department of Surgery

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Provides great teaching in the Burn Unit appropriate for junior and senior residents"


    "He took time to teach technical skills in the operating room"


    "He has a distinct teaching style, encouraging trainees to make a decision about management of patients with appropriate oversight"

    Octavian Ioachimescu

    Department of Medicine

    Atlanta VA Medical Center

    "Best teacher of the year as chosen by pulmonary fellows in multiple years"


    "Inspired residents to become pulmonologists"


    "Successful research mentor from undergraduate student to early career faculty members"

    Girish Kalra

    Department of Medicine

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Dr. Kalra stayed late after rounds to go over multiple EKGs"


    "Dr. Kalra would spend as much time as I needed at bedside to fine tune my physical exam skills and personally rounded with me when I asked for more directed feedback"


    "I always refer to his popular YouTube video to continue to brush up on my EKGs"

    Usama Khalid

    Department of Emergency Medicine

    Atlanta VA Medical Center

    "Creation of an Ultrasound Interest Group (USIG) for medical students"


    "Creation of new MSK module in MUSE (Medical Ultrasonography for Students at Emory) course"


    "He has a passion for teaching point of care ultrasound to medical students"

    James Kim

    Department of Medicine

    Emory University Hospital

    "Dr. Kim is an exemplary teaching physician"


    "Dr. Kim is very dedicated to our HMS group and helps develop educational opportunities so we all remain up to date with our medical knowledge"


    "Known to EUH faculty to be talented, thoughtful, compassionate, and a great team player"

    Adam Klein

    Department of Otolaryngology

    Emory University Hospital Midtown

    "I initially met Dr. Klein when I was a second-year medical student. I was impressed by Dr. Klein's ability to engage me in the care of his patients and with the rapport he had built with his patients and their families"


    "Dr. Klein was always available to brainstorm and troubleshoot issues. He is an "Ideas Man" who pushes the envelope on what is possible"


    "I appreciate Dr. Klein's ability to step-in with guidance, while still providing students' autonomy and ownership over their projects"

    Ashima Lal

    Department of Medicine

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Dr. Lal always takes time to include trainees in her palliative care discussions with patients and families"


    "Excellent bedside teaching with medical students during palliative care service at Grady"

    "Dr. Lal never tires of teaching our medical student rotators. She meets with them at the beginning of each week and mentors them through the (often traumatic) week in their palliative care rotation"

    Brittany Lannert

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

    Emory Brain Health Center

    "Brittany leads training in the Emory veterans program with attention to all professions and levels of trainee need"


    "She takes initiative to look for new training opportunities for the team and its members"


    "Brittany is able to use the evidence based on clinical training to design an effective training program within EHVP"

    Leslie Lawley

    Department of Dermatology

    Emory Clinic

    "Provides exemplary bedside teaching in clinic and on consults"


    "Gives several excellent clinical lectures to residents, with updated literature search"


    "Accessible for clinical questions for children even when not on call to help residents care for patients"

    Michael Maceroli

    Department of Orthopaedics

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Dedicated to the resident experience"


    "Great didactic and practical educator"


    "Has made several creative changes to curriculum"

    Alyssa Majesko

    Department of Medicine

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Alyssa revamped the Grady MICU didactic lectures and developed a series of high-yield PowerPoint presentations for resident lectures"


    "Alyssa is a talented critical care physician and is dedicated to teaching the residents. During a very busy flu season, she volunteered her time to work overnight shifts in the Grady ICU so that she could assist the residents and provide additional support"

    LeAnne Martinelli

    Department of Family & Preventive Medicine

    Emory University School of Medicine

    "LeAnne engages with her learning society students on a weekly basis and encourages creativity in small group settings"


    "In teaching difficult topics like pharmacology- LeAnne prepares ways to engage students using flipped classroom techniques and hands on activities"

    Annie Massart

    Department of Medicine

    Emory University Hospital

    "Dr. Massart is the EUH teaching director and has led the many changes our Internal Medicine residency has undergone on EUH wards"


    "Dr. Massart works with the education council and faculty development to help promote education among our HMS colleagues"


    "She has pursued individual development through SGIM's TEACH program and is sharing her teaching skills with residents and hospitalists as well as health care staff through her role as a medical director for a medical floor at EUH"

    Anne Marie McKenzie-Brown

    Department of Anesthesiology

    Emory University Hospital Midtown

    "Always desires to teach residents and fellows with McKenzie-Minute moments"


    "Intent on teaching patients to empower them with knowledge"


    "Intent on teaching pain clinic staff"

    Vanessa Moll

    Department of Anesthesiology

    Emory University Hospital Midtown

    "She is always encouraging her peers to get involved in what they are passionate about to promote job satisfaction and professional development"


    "She goes above and beyond by organizing opportunities for learning among all staff members"


    "She is dedicated to providing the safest care to our patients through evidenced base medicine"

    Shivani Mukkamala

    Department of Anesthesiology

    Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    "Dr. Mukkamala does a wonderful job of teaching the morning lectures and helping us understand neonatal physiology in anesthesia"


    "Outstanding mentorship for medical students"


    "Outstanding clinical teaching"


    "She is an advocate for all the medical students interested in anesthesia. She especially encourages equality for females in the workplace and continually encourages female coworkers and mentees"

    Stewart Neill

    Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

    Emory University Hospital

    "An Emory all-star, he does everything he can to advance Emory. He spends so much of his time teaching and is often here late, which is evident by the very detailed emails we receive at 2 am"


    "Dr. Neill, simply put, is one of the elite educators in the department. Not only does he devote much of his time towards ensuring that residents receive the best training possible through his role as one of the residency program directors, but he also spends a considerable amount of time across the street at the medical school lecturing medical students"


    "His enthusiasm for teaching is impossible to ignore"

    Matthew Paden

    Department of Pediatrics

    Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    "Personally supportive to fellows; emphasizing their strengths, listening to them, lifting them up"


    "Dr. Paden’s bedside teaching for both residents and fellows is unparalleled. He has the unique ability to break down complex concepts into practical pieces that are easily processed and utilized by trainees"


    "Dr. Paden also makes education humorous, which helps material retention. His calm demeanor, humor, and positive attitude toward trainees make Dr. Paden’s bedside education the highlight of trainees’ time in the pediatric intensive care unit"

    Gaurav Patel

    Department of Anesthesiology

    Emory University Hospital

    "Dr. Patel spent hours and days working with me to help me get a residency spot when I didn’t match into a preliminary position. He was always patient and positive. He never lost hope and faith in me, when I lost hope and faith"


    "Dr. Patel is an incredible medical educator. He has won awards for the residency in teaching and in mentorship. The residents love working with him"


    "Dr. Patel won the Dean's Teaching Award for his exemplary dedication to teaching medical students. He runs the medical school clerkship in anesthesiology and the students love the rotation"

    Trusharth Patel

    Department of Anesthesiology

    Emory University Hospital Midtown

    "Created a cadaver workshop to teach trainees"


    "Always seeks out new innovative pain techniques to teach"


    "Makes trainees feel secure when doing procedures under his guidance"

    Sara Pullen

    Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

    Grady Ponce de Leon Center

    "Dr. Pullen has single-handedly brought content of public health/community health assessments into the DPT curriculum"


    "Dr. Pullen has successfully mentored upwards of 25 students in the incorporation of physical therapy into the protocol of HIV/AIDS treatment"


    "Dr. Pullen conceptualized, implemented and has successfully sustained the first physical therapy clinical services into the Ponce de Leon Center AIDS clinic"

    Jeffrey Rakofsky

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

    Emory Brain Health Center

    "Dr. Rakofsky received the PGY3 Excellence in Teaching Award twice because of his dedication to teaching psychopharmacology residents"


    "He is remarkably creative in his efforts to teach medical students about psychiatry. The clerkship under his direction is now ranked in the top 10% of psychiatry clerkships in the country"


    "Dr. Rakofsky is incredibly available to the medical students and the residents, always willing to support their professional and personal development, and a frequently sought after mentor and confidante"

    Daniel Reines

    Department of Biochemistry

    O. Wayne Rollins Research Center

    "He co-founded the BCDB Foundations course, an innovative discussion-based course that now most grad programs emulate"


    "Every year he teaches a discussion-based module in both the BCDB and GMB graduate programs that emphasize student involvement on cutting edge research topics"


    "He co-directed BCDB Foundations for 6 years"

    Lynn Schlanger

    Department of Medicine

    Atlanta VA Medical Center

    "Comes in at any hour of the day or night to help trainees"

    "Organizes dinner events for teaching and comradery"

    "Always goes the extra mile to teach and support trainees"

    Stacie Schmidt

    Department of Medicine

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Dr. Schmidt is an indefatigable advocate of the patient-centered medical home and the primary care physician-doctor relationship"


    "Dr. Schmidt continues to pilot new direct observation and teaching practices to improve learning in primary care as well as improving the patient care experience"


    "Dr. Schmidt works tirelessly to educate learners at all times. She is the first to volunteer for a teaching opportunity and teaches with enthusiasm and amazing skills"

    Hasan Shabbir

    Department of Medicine

    Emory Johns Creek Hospital

    "Mentors multiple hospital medicine faculty in QI work and general career development"


    "Chairs a quality committee in hospital medicine in which he oversees multiple others in projects and inspires others"

    Jeffrey Siegelman

    Department of Emergency Medicine

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Leads national committee on Faculty development"


    "Is an APD for the EM program"


    "Didactics always use engaging modalities and great slide design"

    Michael Silver

    Department of Neurology

    Emory Brain Health Center

    "Consistently excellent in organizing case discussion meetings during resident clinic"


    "Working with undergraduates in neuroscience course"


    "Exemplary teaching of medical students in a clinical setting"

    Melissa Stevens

    Department of Medicine

    Atlanta VA Medical Center

    "Excellent teacher"

    "She always tries to teach in a challenging and stressful clinical ER environment, even though it isn’t always possible"


    "Great teaching pearls" 


    "She spends additional hours in addition to her tour of duty to make sure the resident’s have a great teaching environment"

    Benjamin Stoff

    Department of Dermatology

    Emory Clinic

    "Wonderful teacher and friend of trainees"


    "Before a trainee presents a lecture, he makes it a point to weave in personal stories of trainees prior to delving into their scientific presentations"


    "Goes out of his way to mentor and personally meet with students and residents on an on-going basis"


    "Uses novel tools to help capture measures of success regarding his teaching style and ways to improve"

    Taryn Taylor

    Department of Pediatrics

    Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    "Innovative and engaging teaching style"


    "Participates annually in trainee simulation contest. Even acting parts to facilitate learning by mirroring real life settings. Active in hands on teaching at the bedside in the ED allowing learners opportunities even with the most critical patients"


    "Recognizes new teaching techniques and patient care management modalities, stays current and shares new information with students trainees and colleagues"

    Seema Tekwani

    Department of Medicine

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Creating a standardized medical critical care curriculum with core lectures for the residents each month"


    "As an ICU leader, she identifies areas for improvement"


    "She is tireless and passionate about integrating education and clinical care at the bedside"

    Stefan Tigges

    Department of Radiology & Imaging Sciences

    Emory University Hospital

    "Teaches a medical drawing class @ EUSOM"


    "Uses self-made comics to teach EUSOM students"


    "Chosen by EUSOM students as an honorary class member-a unique recognition for a Radiologist"

    Steven Urken

    Department of Ophthalmology

    Atlanta VA Medical Center

    "Unwavering dedication and advocacy for resident education for almost 20 years"


    "Exemplary high moral character"


    "Emphasizes & demonstrates professional behavior with patients and staff"

    Sumit Verma

    Department of Pediatrics

    Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    "Sumit is truly invested in teaching trainees of all levels. In the clinical setting, you can often find him going over interesting exam findings and differentials with medical students, residents, and/or advanced practice providers. He shines most in his bedside teaching skills"


    "He is the main promoter of resident scholarship in the Pediatric Neurology division"

    Theresa Vettese

    Department of Medicine

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Eager mentor for junior faculty"


    "Has volunteered to come in on weekends to ensure uniformity of attending coverage for residents on ward teams"


    "Willingness to step in as associate program director for the IM residency program when we had an unforeseen vacancy, including resident mentorship, and faculty development for core faculty"

    Anna Von

    Department of Medicine

    Atlanta VA Medical Center

    "Serving as a Small Group Advisor in the Emory Society System"


    "Volunteering to be a clinical discussant for Department of Medicine Grand Rounds"


    "Serving as a Program Director for the Emory Physician Assistant Program Internal Medicine Clerkship"

    Martha Ward

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "A wonderful role model of professionalism and excellence for residents and medical students"


    "Someone who can provide a range of teachable moments for her learners from medicine to psychiatry and is very unique in our field"


    "She is an important role model for junior faculty who are learning to navigate an academic career with a clear balance that maintains her role outside of the School of Medicine"

    Elizabeth Wilson

    Department of Anesthesiology

    Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    "She makes understanding congenital heart disease seem simple by carefully walking you through each pathology and including amazing drawings as visual aids"


    "I have saved her notes to help me throughout my career! She is truly one of those educators who makes learning fun and enjoyable"


    "She is a confident role model for women"

    David Wright

    Department of Emergency Medicine

    Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Mentors countless students, residents, and faculty in research focused on injury prevention"


    "Always takes time to grow, develop, and educate others across multiple disciplines in medicine"